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On the money September 2023

On The Money September 2023

In On The Money September, We have discussed in detail how and why contractor payments (TPAR) are on the ATo’s radar, How registered trade marks can grow your business, SeLling your business and business start ups.

In ‘On the Money September 2023’ we focus on the following key issues in regards to contractor payments, trade marks, selling businesses and business start ups, including:

  • Contractor Payments (TPAR)
    • How and why contractor payments are on the ATO’s radar
    • Steps to work out if you need to lodge a TPAR
  • How a registered trade mark can grow your sales and your business
    • What is a trade mark?
    • Case Studies
    • How you can check & register a trade mark
  • When to sell your business
    • Financial Performance
    • How to conduct market research
    • Drafting an exit plan
  • Completing the sale of a business
    • Market trends
    • Conditions precedent
    • Completion day
    • Post-completion obligations
    • Key takeaways
  • Business start up corner – funding your new business

All of this information can be found in our full report in ‘On The Money September 2023’.

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